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Is Every Gluten Free Product Gluten Free ?

IS EVERY GLUTEN FREE PRODUCT GLUTEN FREE? Celiac disease is an intestinal absorption problem that causes muscle loss in the intestinal mucosa, which occurs with the...

After Celiac Diagnosis

AFTER CELIAC DIAGNOSIS What Should Be Done After a Celiac Diagnosis? There are many methods used for the diagnosis and diagnosis of celiac disease. Small intestine...

The Reliability Of Oat In Gluten – Free Diet

THE RELIABILITY OF OAT IN GLUTEN-FREE DIET There is a classic definition for celiac disease that has been used for years; “Celiac disease is a disease...

Compliance with a Gluten Free Diet

Celiac disease can occur when the body develops a reaction against gluten in genetically susceptible individuals (1,3). Today, the only known and confirmed treatment of celiac diseases...
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Cross Contamination

The gluten-free diet is increasing in popularity today. Individuals adopt the gluten-free diet because they believe in the health benefits or because they have gluten-related diseases.
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Food Safety

FOOD SAFETY FOOD SAFETY Cross Contamination and Safe Food Many factors are related to food security and safety, such as ensuring the food supply at an...

Effects Of Fiber Nutrition On Health

EFFECTS OF FIBER NUTRITION ON HEALTH EFFECTS OF FIBER NUTRITION ON HEALTH Nowadays, due to the increase in the consciousness of the consumer, the interest in...